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SourceTherapy Billing™ combined with TherapySource Software, offers the most innovative and affordable turnkey solution in the industry. Our therapy scheduling, documentation and billing software solution is integrated with our billing services to provide you with 100% visibility into our billing operations productivity and performance. If you should ever decide to take it back in house, we guarantee a smooth transition with no loss of business continuity, disruption of clinical operations and no complicated data migration issues.
We start by installing our industry leading software in any size therapy clinic or clinics. We train you, and unlimited clinicians and front desk staff on the most effective use of the software from scheduling through clinical documentation and financial reporting. We follow that with our therapy expert billing staff reviewing your practice workflow and policies to ensure you are operating for peak financial performance and then actually using your system from our operations center to perform all back office functions. Finally, we will provide immediate expert help desk support for your staff and keep your software current for all regulatory and industry required enhancements. All for a price that you would expect to pay for billing services alone. The software we use to provide your back office billing is installed in your facility, or hosted for you in ours, and should you ever decide to hire and manage your own back office staff, it is simply a matter of training them. No system change, no data loss, and no disruption of clinical operations. Total control of your business.

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